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Eliza May Brown

What happens when you get bitten by a vampire but you don't die and you don't turn into a vampire yourself? You get mad...and then you get even.

Here's a sample of The Vampire Hunter

We found the girl about fifty feet down the alley, lying with her face lifted to the stars, a broken doll posed by a cruel hand.

Hunter crouched over her, careful not to touch or disturb the crime scene. “Looks like a sex assault,” he said dispassionately.You couldn’t get too attached.

I pulled myself together. It looked like a sex crime but there was no smell of sex or pain or fear on her. She had been killed quickly and laid out with deliberate purpose. I searched the shadows for her attacker.

Hunter studied her, not touching her but within touching distance. Her blood had not had time to chill and clot. A fresh kill. If we’d been here five minutes sooner, we might have saved her.

The smell of her blood hung heavily in the air. It masked the other scent, the scent of a man hidden behind a dumpster ripe with its own fragrance.

At the last second he glanced up at me. He barely dodged the blow I aimed at his head. He climbed a chain link fence like a mountain goat and dropped to the other side.

I landed on the concrete next to him. “Boo,” I whispered, and broke his neck.