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Eliza May Brown

Romantic Suspense

Review method--totally subjective and my personal opinion.

Five Stars are for life-altering books that I think you should keep and read again and again.

Four Stars are for great books.

Three Stars are for good books.

All of the above I recommend reading. You will very rarely see me give a review of One Star (awful) or Two Stars (not worth reading) because I usually don't finish books that I don't think are awful and/or not worth reading. Sadly, sometimes, I do get tricked into wasting my time.

Circus by Alistair MacLean ***** (Five Stars) 1975

Alistair MacLean is an absolute master. Don't let the date on this book fool you--it's a cold-war masterpiece. An Eastern European circus star is sent to steal secrets behind the Iron Curtain from the men he escaped from--the same men who killed his wife and parents. But in true Alistair MacLean style, the mission is compromised from the start and Bruno has his own agenda.... I promise that this ending will surprise you--in the best possible way. 

The Past Came Hunting by Donnell Ann Bell ***** (Five Stars)Romantic Suspense

I don't usually read suspense--I don't like scary--but I had complete faith that this heroine was going to come out on top. She'd been a victim once and it wasn't going to happen again. Donnell's website is listed on my "Other Authors" page. Check it out!

Where Danger Hides by Terry Odell ***** (Five Stars)

Romantic Suspense

This book is part of the Blackthorne series but is a stand-alone story. You don't have to read the other books to enjoy this one. The author weaves intriguing stories around characters you'd love to meet. There's a link to her website on my "Other Authors" page.